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About the Artist

An Unexpected Journey

I love art (see some of my drawings below), but I never intended to be an artist. I'm actually a PhD student in neuroscience at Oregon Health & Science University in the city of Portland, OR. Early on after moving to Portland, I found myself overwhelmed by the racism I faced. After talking to other Black residents, I came to understand that this is a very common experience for us here. 

Portland has a reputation for being highly progressive. However, this facade over the city does nothing more than lead people to deny the racism that is so common here. In order to help people see what racism is like and that it's happening everywhere, I wanted to create an art installation that would allow others to put themselves in our shoes and see firsthand what dealing with racism is like. I was awarded a Race, Equity, and Inclusion grant by Oregon Health & Science University, so I was able to fund this project with their support. 

A_Morgan_pic (2022_12_18 15_42_43 UTC).jpg
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