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First Look at Black Like Me 360 is Up! (Sample video only)

Working with a good friend of mine, I was finally able to get a sample video up on YouTube of what Black Like Me 360 is supposed to look like!

A little background about this video:

There are multiple scenes, which I'm still learning how to edit together. But the scene here was our big scene, and in it I'm a post doc training a student wearing the camera how to complete a task in lab to demonstrate how racism presents in lab. There are multiple issues here though. First of all, I'm training her wrong when it comes to using the pipette. Second, I'm not requiring her to wear PPE. And third, I'm being incredibly condescending. These are all elements of racism--the assumption that people of particular races must be unskilled and need retraining, the disregard for the personal safety and health of people of particular races, and the overall disrespectful attitude shown to people of particular races.

And don't forget to use your mouse or the arrows in the top left corner to "look around" for me in the video!

I don't expect that anyone will enjoy this, but I do hope that it makes people think.

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