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 A List of Contributors to Black Like Me 360

Kelli Bee

Kelli (she/her) is an actress from Vancouver, WA, who is represented by Actors in Action. She plays Imani in the clinic scene and Aquilah Jackson in the office scene.

Kelli Bee headshot.png

LeJeune Bryant

LeJeune (he/him) is an actor from Woodburn, OR, who is represented by The Option Agency. He plays Dr. Malik Hakeem in the clinic scene and Treyvon Davis in the office scene.

LeJeune Bryant headshot.png

Hannah Fawcett

Hannah (she/her) is an actress from Monmouth, OR, who is represented by Ryan Artists. She plays Dr. Emily Thompson in the clinic scene, Brittany Smith in the office scene, and Samantha (Sami) Johnson in the laboratory scene. However, you won't see her face in these videos, because she's actually wearing the camera; all videos were filmed from her perspective.

Hannah Fawcett headshot_edited.jpg

Marvin Grays

Marvin (he/him) is an actor from Seattle, WA, who is represented by Big Fish NW Talent. He plays the Narrator in the clinic, office, and laboratory scenes.

Marvin Grays headshot.png

DeGundrea "Dee" Harris

DeGundrea (pronounced "Dee-ghandi"; she/her) is an actress from Portland, OR, who is represented by Actors in Action. She plays a doctor (extra) in the clinic scene, an office employee (extra) in the office scene, and Shanice Williams in the laboratory scene.

DeGundrea Harris.png

Kimberly Suarez

Kimberly (she/her) is an actress from Portland, OR. She plays Jamie in the clinic scene and Aaliyah Brown in the office scene.

Kimberly Suarez headshot.png

Casting By:

All of the wonderful actors cast in these videos were found through:

Weeble Mountain Casting

Instagram: @WeebleMountainCasting


TikTok: @WeebleMountainCasting

Weeble Mountain logo2.png

Additional thanks to:

Heidi Waldo (Grant Sponsor, Department Administrator--Neurological Surgery, OHSU): Overall support

Gina Tanaka (Finance Administrator--Neurological Surgery, OHSU): Financial support, ordering project supplies

Josiah Orina, MD (Spine Specialist/Surgeon, Assistant Professor--Neurological Surgery, OHSU): Contributed lab papers to white board in "Laboratory" video (see Josiah's Healthcare and Institutional profiles)

Samantha "Sami" Friedrich, PhD (Neuroscientist, Data Scientist): Wore 360 degree camera and acted for sample video (see Sami's LinkedIn page)

OHSU Center for Diversity and Inclusion (funding)

OHSU Department of Behavioral Neuroscience Diversity Committee

OHSU Department of Neurological Surgery

OHSU Office of Educational Improvement and Innovation (funding)

OHSU Public Safety

OHSU Student Health & Wellness

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Credits: Skills
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